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10th Foundation
Tim Brauch Memorial Fund
The specific purpose of this organization is to promote skateboarding as a safe, healthy, and fun activity, as well as provide cities with money, tools, and knowledge to create proper skateboard parks.This is achieved by suggesting the proper designers, and contractors as well as organizing fund raising activities and distributing those funds, to city groups to aid in the construction cost of building city skate parks that will provide a positive, healthy, and safe venue accessible to all its residents to partake and enjoy in a sport that Tim Brauch dedicated his life to.

Donations should be made to:
Tim Brauch Memorial Fund
C/O Sessions
60 Old El Pueblo Road
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

10th Annual Tim Brauch Contest Results

Grandmaster's Bowl

1. Christian Hosoi
2. Steve Caballero
3. Duane Peters
4. Jason Parkes
5. Greg Aguilar

Pro's Bowl
1. Benji Galloway
2. Tim Johnson
3. Josh “Skreetch” Sandoval
4. Sergie Ventura
5. Josh Balogh

Local's Bowl
1. Nate Linford
2. Morris Kyle
3. Josh Balogh

Women’s Bowl
1. Julie Kindstrand
2. Megan Brown
3. Annie Sullivan

Best Trick Bowl
Duane Peters

Am's Street
1. Mikee O”Friel
2. Tommy Werner
3. Anthony Anaya
4. Jesse Andres
5. Steven Smith

Grom's Street
1. Alex Midler
2. Ty Hjortland
3. Drake Riddiough

Best Trick Street
Blake Svendsen

Spirit of Tim Award
Evelyn Abad